Inventory and Store Control

Through store control softwares and ERP Systems of  Egymind (Newmind - Prostart ) you can Follow Your Inventory through coding the stores , categories , storage Locations , items by special specification (Patch number - expiry date - size and color - packing - item weight - item image -  .....) its enables you to control the stores through stock permits, stock Transfer , stock adjustments to follow all store transactions, Items transactions , Idle Items , follow transfer between stores , currents stock , stock by expiry date , stock by serial number , stock  specific date & General Store Report .

Purchasing and Suppliers

Through Accounting softwares and ERP Systems of  Egymind (Newmind - Prostart ) you can track purchases and supplier Statements by recording the supplier's basic data for each supplier, recording purchase orders, purchase Invoices , purchase return , all cash or Bank Checks Payments to provide with the suppliers Statements and  analysis purchasing , follow up the execution of the purchase orders , Suppliers Items and the invoices due to access the purchasing statistics and suppliers .

Planning and Following-up Customers

Through Accounting softwares and ERP Systems of  Egymind (Newmind ) you can organize your project by planning items, stock limits, sales plans, purchase plans, Shortfalls items, follow up clients and follow up items that have reaached the ٌrequest , minimum and Maximum storage limit, Compare purchasing plans and selling plans .

Sales and Customers

Through Accounting softwares and ERP Systems of  Egymind ( Newmind - Prostart - Qrest ) you can track sales, customer statements , sales representative by recording basic customer data ,linking them to distribution regions and sale representative , you can also create discount and add pricing policies as well as customer level or slide level, Incentives policies, sales orders, sales invoices and sales returns. Record cash or bank checks payments and adjustments on customers statements and follow-up sales at the level of the company and at the level of the client or the sales representative or the region You can also follow the sales of supplier items and analysis of the sales , the unpaid invoices due to the client , clients statements and follow-up sales representative , distribution regions and sales per user to access sales statistics.

General Accounts

Through Accounting softwares and ERP Systems of  Egymind ( Newmind - Prostart -  Qrest ) you can track accounts by recording bank accounts, Expense items , fixed assets and bank accounts , You can Record all transactions of expenses and Incomes ,Bank transactions ,To follow-up The Safe , cash drawers and follow-up bank accounts , You can also follow-up expenses , incomes and follow-up payments of customers and suppliers and follow-up assets and depreciation to reach the company's profits and Financial status .

Restaurants and Cafes Management

Through Resturant Softwares and cafe softwares of  Egymind (newmind - Qrest ) can manage restaurants and coffee shops , selling "Take-away,Delivery,Dine In,Credit" you can record all your customers data " Name , address and numbers " you can use service charge and delivery charge for each region separately in each invoice Automatic on sale and also tax , you can follow all expenses and revenues and cash transfers between users to gain access to the balance , you can manage your purchasing of your materials and follow suppliers statements , you can also add all items Recipe to manage your store and manage your items costs to reach your net profit .

Import and Import Cost

Through Accounting Softwares and ERP systems of Egymind ( Newmind) you can calculate your import costs and transfer expenses on each container to direct costs in different currencies to reach the cost of items after expenses in local currency , you can reach the suppliers statements and the bank statement, both in foreign currency. And also you can calculate the balance of foreign currency in your company .

Users Permissions

Through Accounting Softwares and ERP systems Egymind ( Newmind - Prostart - Qrest )  you can manage your company through the users' permissions, which allows you to give each user his permissions which can't be exceeded, such as blocking some important details for example "the maximum discount rate , the purchase price, the possibility of modification of pricing policies , the possibility of controlling the stores which are only allowed to use , the password on the returns and the cancellation of the item from the invoice , hide the purchase prices in the Inventory and close the adjustment of quantities in the purchase invoice ... etc.To enable you to reach the highest levels of security in the accounts and stores and all the secrets of your company .

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